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Founded in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Anew Group serves individuals and organizations interested in developing skills for well-being and conscious leadership. Offering innovative and scientifically proven mindfulness-based programs in Puerto Rico and beyond, Anew Group provides an array of learning experiences to meet the uniqueness and complexities of today’s environment. We are here to become your trusted collaborator.

The facts are a wake-up call:

  • Recent studies in neuroscience show that our brain is not equipped to multitask.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that American businesses spend over 300 billion dollars annually on stress related conditions.
  • The primary causes of stress are lifestyle choices.
  • Mindfulness-based programs have been scientifically proven to improve the skill of paying attention and self-awareness, which leads to making wiser lifestyle choices.
  • Key organizations in pillar sectors of society have been incorporating mindfulness-based programs since 1979.
  • Mindful Leadership made its debut at The World Economic Forum in 2013 and has remained a central topic.
What do the facts tell you?

Time to wake up, take action and begin anew.

We invite you to experience the adventure of        
re-connecting with mindfulness

Why us

Anew Group is best suited to support individuals and organizations from all sectors of society who are looking to integrate mindfulness-based practices into their personal lives and the workplace. The programs we design and facilitate are rooted on the facilitators’ personal mindfulness practice and qualified educational formation. The principles of trust, transparency and inclusiveness characterize all of our relationships and our services are guided by our deep sense of social and ecological responsibility. 

Anew Group is the right match for you or your workplace, if you believe:

  • In being curious about exploring a new way of learning.
  • That developing skills for well-being and conscious leadership are important for your development and that of your organization.
  • In having a “think globally, act locally” approach.
  • In doing business with a trustworthy and experienced group that measures results—there are no quick fixes or “flavor of the month” programs.
  • In being a model for ethical practices and social responsibility.

Founder and Lead Facilitator

“The future emerges from the decisions we make now. The intricacies of today’s environment require that we be awake, alert and aware”.

Irma (Mimi) Ruiz, Founder of the Anew Group.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is awareness, an innate state we all have access to because we are humans.


Mindfulness is NOT:
Emptying the mind
Achieving relaxation
A quick fix approach
The same as Yoga

The state of being mindful is constantly challenged by our habitual thinking patterns and emotions. The current realities of the times we live in, our past conditionings, health challenges and difficult situations can place pressure on us and disconnect us from being mindful, leading to reactivity and choices that don’t contribute to our well-being. These realities affect all of us and in turn affect those whom we care for most as well as those we relate with in the workplace and in our community.

Mindfulness can be cultivated through training programs that offer practices that have been scientifically proven to “train our attention muscle”, allowing us to regain focus, clarity, resilience and equanimity. Unlocking the innate state of mindfulness allows individuals to be awake, alert and aware, giving everyone the opportunity to pause and make a skillful choice before reactivity takes center stage and an unwise decision is taken.

A core practice in mindfulness programs is meditation, which studies have revealed actually changes the structure of your brain by decreasing activity in the default mode network (DMN), the area of the brain responsible for mind-wandering and self-referential thoughts.

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program is a world-renowned program created in 1979 by MIT Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Jon Kabat-Zinn for the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. MBSR has become the global model for educating in Mind/Body and Participatory Medicine, offering practices for integrating and applying mindfulness to everyday activities and challenges that arise from stress, medical and psychological conditions. The program’s foundation incorporates teachings in neuroscience, psychology and Eastern philosophical practices of mindfulness meditation and Hatha yoga. Over 20,000 people have attended the program with a 91% completion rate.

The Anew Group’s lead facilitator was professionally trained in MBSR at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and offers adaptations of the MBSR program to all sectors of society interested in integrating mindfulness practices to cultivate skills for well-being and conscious leadership.

Mindfulness in the Media

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Watch Jon Kabat-Zinn
talk about

“What is Mindfulness?”




All of our programs can be offered in Spanish or English

When you or your organization participate in one of our programs, a portion of your business is destined to the Anew Group’s Sharing is Caring Program giving the opportunity to individuals with limited financial resources to participate in our learning experiences.

Contact now@theanewgroup.com to learn more and apply.


“Valuable and revealing information that empowers me to live in the present and from the being mode”.
Participant 1-Day Workshop, 2014

“In just a few hours, I discovered (and on occasions rediscovered) the capacities I possess that will allow me to be more present with peace and harmony. The sensations experimented that day were unique and unforgettable. Thank you very much”!
Participant 1-Day Workshop, 2014

“This workshop was offered with a genuine intention. It’s evident you (Irma) teach this workshop with love and that is why it’s of benefit to all, because it’s authentic and comes from the heart”.
Participant 1-Day Workshop, 2014

“What a match! The tailor-made program suited our team in the best possible way. Through tangible and simple practices we learned not only to handle and manage stress, but also to “scrutinize within” in order to better focus, thus sharpening our skills while being more alert and aware. We were provided with great “tools” to more effectively respond to our daily demands, both professional as well as personal”.
CEO Marketing & Advertising Firm and Participant of Emotional Intelligence Workplace Program, 2015



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